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Guiding Principles

11 Mar , 2021
The products on our platform must be original and unique.

Integrity is honesty, transparency and justice. Integrity is knowing what the right thing is to do and then you do it. Let's take an example – you buy something at a store and they give you too much change. Do you keep quiet, or do you give the money back? Integrity is what your behaviour shows even when nobody is watching.

As far as the environment is concerned, sustainability means that we must be sensitive to the ecological footprint that our activities and facilities leave on the environment. Sustainability also means that the impact of activities on people, society and the economy should be taken into account.

In South Africa, the conservation of our heritage is part of our
history. Conservation of our natural heritage is therefore as much part of South Africans today as braaivleis and potjiekos. We have to safeguard against the negative impact the loss of our indigenous treasures might have
on our inheritance.
We are eager to congratulate all persons on our platform on their achievements and also to show our gratitude towards those who support us.

We would like to create a platform for and to support pioneers and upcoming entrepreneurs, thereby giving exposure to people with new ideas and products.

It is only human that people make mistakes or that a product sometimes does not meet expectations. We want to create a platform to handle such problems and restore the relationship with our online community.

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