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From Adelaide, Eastern Cape

Farmer Keith’s meat products are available in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Western Cape.

I have the unique privilege to visits various farmers or producers in my quest to source the best farm produce from family farmers across South Africa

Spending time with farmers, on the farm, learning about their livestock was an eye-opening experience. Even more so spending time when they prepare the meat in their farm butcheries. The love of meat.

As an avid lover of nature, I have dreamt about a farm life as a child in a romantic (and idealist) way, where I thought farm days would look like fresh eggs in the morning, high rubbers boots and most of all open space to run around.

While most of this is true – the open land, the escape from the craziness of city life – the other side is that being a farmer or producer is demanding physical work and a lot of time and care that needs to be given to the animals and the working of the meat.

This one farmer had a very warm smile. It was farmer butcher Keith Morgan. The Morgan family has farmed and lived for almost 5 generations in the Adelaide and Bedford district. They were the second batch of British Settlers to settle in the Eastern Cape.

There was a sense of genuineness in his laughter and ease to the way he talked about his love for meat. He knows about the conditions of the livestock very intimately. He would go on a weekly basis and source the best animals from the farmers in the Smaldeel district of the Eastern Cape.

I urge you please support Farm Butcher Keith Morgan. The quality of his meat and flavour of the produce will be a constant talking point ,whether around the “braaivleis”- fire or at the Sunday lunch table.

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