Farmer Piet

From Pretoria, Gauteng

Farmer Piet’s meat products are available in Gauteng.

Farmer Piet’s passion for meat goes back to his early childhood in a small town, Marikana in the Northwest Province. If there was anything to do with cattle, then he was fascinated and totally spellbound in total awe of these beautiful creatures.
Piet loved the way they walked; he watched every muscle on their legs as they grazed in the field. He would walk with his father feeding them grass just to be near them and pat them although he was afraid of them at the same time. He does not know why this is, but he was simply in love with these creatures.  The chickens, pigs, and sheep were scattered throughout the farm, but the main attraction for Piet was the herd of cattle.
In a small town, in the eighties surrounded by a larger rural area, there was an abundance of farms with animals, before farming changed forever. Piet mentioned to me that he is grateful for living as a child during that time, as it was a pure and wholesome joy that he will always remember.
Piet remembers fondly that when he jumped in the bakkie, he had his head cranked and pointing to the window, looking for the cattle on the fields as they drive to town. Always looking for a cow, smiling gleefully, whenever he sighted them grazing in farm fields. Piet did not have computers, or Nintendo games, so his time was predominately spent
outdoors and preferably among animals, fresh air and nature. However, it was these wonderful times on the farm, that Piet remember so dearly, during a hot summer day, and he fondly recapture the moments in his mind with a smile.
Today we are proud to have Piet as one of our small producers and we are looking forward sharing his love for meat with our customers.
We welcome Piet to our Farm-to-Plate family

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