Farmer Suzanne

From the Riebeek Kasteel region, Swartland, Western Cape

Farmer Suzanne’s meat products are available in the Western Cape.

We are so excited to welcome our first female farmer, Suzanne Smit to the Farm-to-Plate family. Small farm success stories are always a delight to stumble upon and Suzanne Smit is an excellent example of small farm innovation and excellence at its best.

While the reasons behind our first female farmer success could be attributed to qualities such as her good work ethic and perseverance, a bigger reason could surely be her passion for feathered creatures and a straightforward business sense.

The farm Delagift, is located just outside the quant little town of Riebeek Kasteel, in the Swartland of the Western Cape.  Suzanne has been a farm girl for most of her life, having grown up on a farm herself, in the Piketberg district.

After a few years of trying her hand at teaching Suzanne met Jacobus, a local farmer, the love of her life while living in Riebeek Kasteel and teaching in Paarl.  Today they have four children, living the farm life to the full extend.


A few weeks after the wedding, Jacobus surprised Suzanne with a hen and 6 chicks. This was the beginning of the journey.

Suzanne Smit is making a success at small-scale poultry farming.

“You can raise a heifer from birth and then wait until year three to decide whether you’re going to keep her offspring. With chickens you can run a flock every six weeks,” Suzanne explained.

This is no caged operation; her birds live in luxurious splendour in a pasture-raised environment and in a carefully designed and manufactured structures that are situated in lovely green lucerne pastures.

Suzanne allows her birds to walk freely outside every day; this makes all the difference. This is true free range and one will have to go far to find a better chicken.

We are so excited to offer our Western Cape customers Suzanne Smit’s free range products under her own brand “The Country Chic”.

Please support Suzanne our first female farmer on our platform.

Farmer Suzanne’s
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