Our Story

Our origin story

The Farm-To-Plate Dream

My dream is to create a multifaceted landscape in which we will open our hearts to others to go on a treasure hunt and re-discover that which we may have already forgotten. To rediscover and nurture what are close to the heart. I want to take you all on a journey to experience a sunrise on the road outside Fouriesburg again, or take on a steamtrain ride to yesterday and pluck a cherry in the afternoon or experience a “stoepkuier”  in the sandstone houses of the Eastern Free State, or any desirable place elsewhere, stirring your heartstrings.

Nationwide, we’re going to discover, and enter the paths around your heart.   I want to put the smell of an authentic Karoo lamb from the farm on your plate. I want to invite our farmers into your kitchen,  where we can sit in front of the fireplace to the talk about stories of hope, laughter, sadness, longing and compassion.

I want you think of a farmer, then singer and songwriter Adam Tas’ song has to play in your heart: “And the Lord looked down upon His Creation and realized that He would have to make someone who could look after the earth …  An ordinary man wouldn’t do … Then our Father made a Farmer.”

Here you can wake up in your own time, and walk through every room and buy what your heart desires and experience a piece of our beautiful heritage again — so we make sure it’s passed on to our children’s grandchildren.



Our intention is to share enthusiasm and a love of farm life, good food and quality with each other.

We want you to support your local farmers and suppliers.

We endeavour to empower young and emerging farmers across our borders. We would like to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

We strive for a specific way we want to live with the things we like.

We endeavour to get suppliers in touch with end-users.

Also, join our amazing and diverse cultural stories and stories or come and tell your grandfather’s stories.



our guiding principles


Integrity is honesty, transparency and justice. Integrity is knowing what the right thing is to do and do it. Let’s make it practical. You buy something from a store and they give you too much small money. You see how that happens. Do you keep quiet, walking away and yet are too grateful for the happiness that struck you? Or are you giving back the money? Integrity is when your character emerges even where no one sees you


Is humane, however, that everyone makes mistakes or that a product sometimes does not meet the expectations. We want to create a space to be able to fix this and restore the relationship with our online community.


We would like to congratulate all persons on our platform for their achievements and also show our gratitude to those who support us.


We would like to create and support pioneers. We want to give exposure to people with new ideas and products. 


Our products on our platform must be original and genuine.


Regarding nature, this means that we need to be sensitive to the ecological footprint that leaves our activities and facilities on the environment. Sustainability also means that the impact of activities on people, society and the economy must be taken into account. 


In South Africa, preservation of our heritage is literally part of our history. Conservation of our natural heritage is therefore such a part of today’s South African as braaivleis and potjiekos. We must guard against the negative impact that the loss of our indigenous nature treasures will have on our heritage.

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