Beef Suet Fat Trimmings (500g) From Farmer Keith (G)


DELIVERY GAUTENG: Orders to be placed by 4 July 2022 for delivery 11 July 2022.
DELIVERY EASTERN CAPE:  Order before a Thursday for delivery the following Thursday.

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is available for delivery in the whole GAUTENG Province,  and EASTERN CAPE (Alexandria, Despatch, Grahamstown, Jeffreysbay, Kenton-on-Sea, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage)

Suet is the crumbly, hard, and saturated fat found around animal kidneys


Its high smoke point makes it ideal for baking.
If you’re into baking at all, you know the struggle around freezing butter to prevent it from melting too soon, getting temperatures exactly right to aim for certain textures, etc.

Because suet is solid at room temperature and has a high melting and smoke point, bakers can use suet in pie crusts and not worry about it melting right away. Then, once the pie crust is in the oven, the suet takes longer to melt than the pie crust takes to set, resulting in larger air pockets and a characteristic spongy texture[*].

Suet is what gives great pies their distinct texture and no other fat source can exactly replicate it. If you use a lower melting fat, then the batter will end up being heavier and thicker. If you’ve ever had an authentic British meat pie, mincemeat, or steamed pudding, it was most likely made with suet.

It’s mild flavour makes it very versatile.
Suet isn’t overpowering, which means you can use it in a variety of cooking applications and not worry about your dish being overtaken by meaty flavour. It’s a world away from something like bacon lard, which lends that “bacon-y” taste to every bit of what you’re making.

*Free Pasture C-Grade

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