Fillet on the Bone Steak (300g) From Farmer Keith (E)


DELIVERY GAUTENG: Orders to be placed by 4 July 2022 for delivery 11 July 2022.
DELIVERY EASTERN CAPE:  Order before a Thursday for delivery the following Thursday.

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is available for delivery in the whole GAUTENG Province,  and EASTERN CAPE (Alexandria, Despatch, Grahamstown, Jeffreysbay, Kenton-on-Sea, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage)

The fillet is the foremost steak in many South African households. This particular cut that we presenting today includes the beef fillet on the bone and is finding its way onto the menu boards of contemporary restaurants as chefs rediscover the rustic appearance of the bone-in steak and the flavour this brings. The bone neatly ‘bookends’ the meat which promises all the melting tenderness of the fillet making it ideal for presenting at a dinner party

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