Sirloin on the Bone Steak (300g) From Farmer Keith (G)


DELIVERY GAUTENG: Orders to be placed by 4 July 2022 for delivery 11 July 2022.
DELIVERY EASTERN CAPE:  Order before a Thursday for delivery the following Thursday.

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is available for delivery in the whole GAUTENG Province,  and EASTERN CAPE (Alexandria, Despatch, Grahamstown, Jeffreysbay, Kenton-on-Sea, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage)

The sirloin steak is cut from the sirloin, the sub-primal posterior to the short loin where the T-bone, porterhouse, and club steaks are cut. The word sirloin refers to cuts of meat from the upper middle of the animal.

The word “sirloin” derives from the ”surloine”, itself derived from the Old French word ”surloigne” (variant of ”surlonge”), that is, ”sur” for above’ and ”longe”for ‘loin’. A commonly-repeated anecdote claims that the name is derived from an occasion when King James I of England, while being entertained at Hoghton Tower during his return from Scotland in 1617, was so impressed by the quality of his steak that he “knighted” the loin of beef, which was referred to thereafter as “Sir loin”. There is no reliable evidence for this explanation but let us not spoil this lovely piece of steak with boring facts.

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