Tomahawk Steak (800g) From Farmer Keith (E)


DELIVERY GAUTENG: Orders to be placed by 4 July 2022 for delivery 11 July 2022.
DELIVERY EASTERN CAPE:  Order before a Thursday for delivery the following Thursday.

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is available for delivery in the whole GAUTENG Province,  and EASTERN CAPE (Alexandria, Despatch, Grahamstown, Jeffreysbay, Kenton-on-Sea, Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage)

So, here we are, deep into the territory of serious Carnivores. The ultimate of Steaks. Truly the CAVEMAN section – The Tomahawk Steak!

It’s called a Tomahawk cut because it resembles a single-handed axe. It is great to share with a few brave friends, but they must come hungry!

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